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Providing Travel Arrangements
to this Italian Mediterranean Island

About Sardinia

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is fast becoming the hottest travel destination in Europe not only offering beautiful weather and Europe's best beaches but also some of the best recreation and accomodation facilities found in the region. It is a haven for such things as yachting, windsurfing, diving, gourmet cuisine and wine, hiking (trekking), and just relaxing at the famous beaches. Here's a brief rundown on the services we can provide.

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Sardinia Gourmet Tours
Sardinia Golf Vacations
Sardinia Yacht Charters
Sardinia Diving Vacations
Windsurfing Vacations
Mediterranean Beach Hotels

Sardinian Wine Tours

Sardinian wines, unnoticed for some time, are climbing to the forefront of recognition from many wine experts. The Vermentino that is produced, especially in the Gallura region, has been mentioned by several as one of the top ten Italian wines and as you would expect from a land influenced by the sea, the perfect accompaniement to seafood. Cannonau, the hearty red from the interior, traditionally had a very heavy and robust flavor but has now been tamed into a full-bodied mellow wine designed to accompany the lamb, pork, and goat that graces the shepherd's tables in the rocky inlands. Wines are not a new thing to the island, however. Ancient Phoenician's were the first to introduce cultivated vines in about the year 1200 BC. Deriving its name from the ancient inhabitants, the nuragus is the variety they brought with them and has adapted to the dry, poor soil so well that it flourishes where no other grapes will grow. Vinyards dot the hills around the island and winemakers are eager to show off their handywork to visitors.

Our wine tours are accompanied by fine meals and lodging in four star hotels. Meals are top-rate where you can sample a variety of not only fine dishes but the many flavors of the typical antipasti that will delight your tastebuds.

Sardinian Gourmet Tours

sardinian tuna from san pietroSardinia, due largely to its varied past, has a diverse assortment of traditional dishes which change with the landscape as you wind your way around the island. The coastline offers arguably the best seafood in Italy and its preparation changes with each region. Move into the interior and you'll find the cuisine reflects their geography featuring meat dishes served in hearty proportions. Food here is so important, in fact, that it is difficult to find a bad food experience but the truly fantastic will astonish you. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that meals are not a short affair. All accross the island, everything stops for the customary three hour break at lunch and dinner, usually starting at about 9pm, can take you past the midnight hour. My biggest recommendation is to make sure you never miss a chance for antipasti even if you must sacrifice a dish later on. Experienced diners will know, however, that even when you think you are full there is always room for a bit more, especially after that first taste. Adding to your experience will be the opportunity to learn how to prepare the dishes yourself. Imagine spending the morning picking the wild ingredients that you will later be coached on how to turn it into a delicious liquor or preparing the fresh pasta for the evening meal.

Our gourmet tours are accompanied by fine wines and lodging in four star hotels. They can be arranged as smaller three or four day journeys or as a longer comprehensive tour.

Sardinian Golf Vacations

It's not an accident that many famous players sign up for the Italian Open, wanting to experience not just one of the world's top golf courses but enjoy the beautiful blue vista of the Mediterranean as they chip to the green. Sardinia has two top-class 18-hole courses that are open year round, Is Molas in the south near the beautiful beaches of Pula and Chia and Pevero in the Costa Smeralda. These courses offer top quality playing and service that go hand in hand with their spectacular scenery making it the ideal location to enjoy a golf vacation. Both areas offer wonderful surroundings and the hotels can be arranged with a combination of meal options ranging from buffet breakfast in the morning to full board including fine meals in their restaurants.

Choose from our weeklong package that includes both courses, rental car, four star hotels, and meals or allow us to arrange any combination at either course as you prefer. If you like, add in a day sailing with a gourmet lunch or any of a variety of recreational options.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Chartering a yacht should be more than just a fantastic experience it should immerse you in a lifestyle that is so full you are able to completely relax and enjoy every minute of it. Sardinia, with its many small islands and inlets offers the ultimate in boating experiences. From small daysailers to megayachts we offer a variety of vessels perfect to fit your needs. Boats are available with or without crew and include some very exclusive craft.

Sailboat Charters

sailboat charters in SardiniaPerfect wind, perfect water and the perfect boats all combine to make Sardinia the ultimate destination for sailors from around the world. There are many little islands that make up the Madallena Archipelago near the Costa Smeralda that are an easy daytrip where you can enjoy a delicious lunch after harnessing the Mistral that blows regularly through the strait. Whether it is for a short journey or a full day of chasing the wind you are certain to find the elements that make for the perfect trip. These charters are available with or without crew. Please contact us for a more complete listing of boats and prices (you may want to coordinate your trip with one of the many sailing events held on the island such as the Rolex Maxi Yacht Race or one of the many vintage events).

Powered Yachts

Close the door on the board room and head instead to your luxurious cabin that easily floats among the gentle blue waves of the Mediterranean. Whether it is just for you and a special someone or you are bringing along a dozen guests we have a variety of craft and crew to ensure the premium in traveling experiences. Spend the day cruising among Sardinia's rocky cliffs while the sun rejuvinates your skin, wiping away the pale color gained from too many indoor socialday boat rentals events. Most craft sail out of Porto Cervo or Porto Rotondo but we also have others available throughout the island and arrangements can be made to deliver to most all Mediterranean ports.

Day Boat Rentals

The perfect addition to a hotel stay, day boat rentals allow you to explore the coast and find the perfect secluded spot where you can enjoy your own private world. Believe it or not, boat rentals are actually very practical, taking you away from the busy, narrow roads and putting you into the sea where you can easily reach many small harbors and towns for shopping or lunch. Sizes range from rubber inflatables to larger power boats. Sail boats are also available and a variety of gear and options can be had upon request.

Sardinian Diving Holdiays

From the first time you go under and look through the clear water whose blue color intensifies as you look further out you will be hooked to the diving experience that can be found in the Mediterranean waters that suround the island. In the Straits of Bonifacio you will find large numbers of Groupers, immense and plentiful as they surround you, creating a spectacle you will remember for years. Due to its strategic position, Sardinia has long been home to a variety of vessels that misfortune sent to the bottom of the sea creating a plethora of interesting immersions. Hover over WWII boats whose motorcycle cars still sit on deck awaiting some nautical rider. Search out a historic ship that carried precious cargo among routes frequented from Phoenicians to Vandals. Vacations can be arranged that include lessons and certifications in addition to accomodation and gear.

Sardinia Windsurfing Vacations

With a board under your feet and the wind at your back there is little that can compare with a Sardinian windsurfing vacation. Over 280 days of wind a year make Sardinia one of the world's best windsurfing locations and home to many international competitions. Some of the best conditions can be found in the south near the resort area near Pula but if you are the adventurous type you can find a remote location along the miles of spectacular coastline that runs the length of the island. Board rentals are available upon request. Never windsurfed? No problem! We have some very good schools that we work with throughout the island who can get you up and spanning the waves in no time flat.

cala di volpe on costa smeraldaMediterranean Beach Hotels

Whether the rat race is eating you up or you just want to improve your tan there is nothing that can compete with the beach resorts available in Sardinia. Jet setters and celebrities don't flock here just for the exposure! Most hotels offer all the services you can imagine and some you haven't even thought of so that you can just relax and enjoy the crystal blue Mediterranean water warmed to the perfect temperature. You do not have to be filthy rich to enjoy it, however, as we offer a wide variety of accomodations available for most every budget. Enjoy the wonderful waters of the Costa Smeralda or venture further south where you will find a full coastline just waiting for your stop.




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