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Gourmet Mini Tours

The Spanish Sardinia
Cagliari and the South

Cagliari and the Orientale Sarda
Barbagia and the Costa Smeralda

The perfect solution for a brief but rewarding visit

There's no doubting it, food can make all the difference in how you live and how you vacation. These tours are perfect for couples or groups who enjoy exceptional culinary experiences. Perfect as an addition to other Italian tours or to suppliment a quiet stay in a Sardinian villa. These tours allow you to sample the distinct cuisines found in the many and varied areas of this Mediterranean island. We strive to present not just quality food but instead authentic cuisine and a memorable experience.

Wine and Food of Sardinia 7 days - available 2002 contact for more info
We forgive you for thinking it would all be the same

From the time the plate first arrives in front of you until you finish the last bite, you will savor every diverse flavor you find during your journey. In spite of its small size, Sardinia offers unique cuisine and the freshness is beyond compare. Polpo, the small cut pieces of octopus, is so tender that it melts in your mouth, releasing its sweet flavor. Travel inland and the supple flavor of lamb, kid, or the favorite, Porcheddu (suckling pig) will enitice your appetite to continue when you think that it is impossible. Washing it all down will be the wines, the wines that have only recently come to the attention of those in the know and are now rated as some of the top Italian wines available today. In fact, most experts recommendations even fall short of savvy Sardinians who rank well-known Vermentinos below such island favorites as Terre Bianche, or Funtanaliras. In this tour you will visit the wineries, take in the restaurants, and spend your nights in first-rate hotels. You will also spend a day learning the art of preparing the dishes you will come to love (please let us know if you are interested in a more cooking intensive, wine intensive, or meal intensive vacation). This tour will take you through the major regions of the island, sampling its diverse fare and leaving with nothing but a good taste in your mouth.