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Top Gourmet Mini Tours - Cagliari and the Orientale Sarda
3 days - 2 nights

The historic Cagliari, Costa Rei, and East Coast

In ancient times, Cagliari was an obvious choice for the powerful nations wanting to control the important seaways and mining resources of this strategic island. Now, it is a bustling metropolis with every modern convenience and a grand tradition of culture, music, and food. The city was ruled by many different powers from around the world and every one left its own imprint on the architecture, the language, and the cuisine. Castello, the old walled center stands guard over the city and the harbor below.

Cagliari is full of history, sights, and more importantly, full of life. There is always something happening in the city be it an opera in the ancient Roman amphitheater, a jazz concert in the harbor, or just an evening at one of the towns many restaurants, trattorias, or clubs.

On your travel up the coast you will have the chance to see many sights, from historic centers to beautiful scenic vistas. This journey will expose you to a varity of some of the freshest seafood always carefully prepared and wonderful stays in areas less known to tourists.

Day 1 - Cagliari
Arrival and Dinner

After arriving in Cagliari either at the airport or the nearby ferry terminal you will check into your hotel and get ready to explore the city.

Although Cagliari is the largest city on the island it still holds onto its small-town feel. Broken into different districts, the city is very walkable and has an excellent public transportation system. Explore the Castello quarters which towers over the city and long ago was strategically important as evidenced by the remaining 13th century Pisan torres. Here, you will find many of the city's landmarks and an atmosphere that will take you back in time. Walk along the quiet cobblestone streets and visit the nearby archaeological and art museums.

Walk down the famous steps of the Bastione di San Remy and induldge yourself in a drink at the famous Antico Cafe, where the coffee and pastries are as beautiful as the classic decorations. Then, walk along via Garibaldi, a pedestrian street lined with shops where you can buy everything from a new bathing suit to a pair of Bruno Magli shoes. Explore on to Piazza Yenne and enjoy a delicious gelatto or a slize of pizza at the nearby establishments.

In the evening you will dine in one of Cagliari's traditional eateries where you can sample some of the classic seafood recipes that even non-seafood lovers will enjoy. After dinner, take a leisurely stroll before heading back to your hotel.

Day 2 - Barisardo
Travel the path less traveled

Travel from Cagliari, enjoying the classic scenery as you go. You will visit the Megalithic complex of Pranu Mutteddu which dates back to the ancient inhabitants who built the famous "Domus di Janus" or burial chambers. Continue to Orroli and visit the impressionable Nuraghe Arrubiu. Arrive in Barisardo, where you will enjoy a fantastic meal, savoring the traditional flavors of the area. Overnight in a pleasant hotel.

Day 3 - Jerzu - Cagliari
Wine and the Sea

Enjoy the morning exploring Barisardo after a fine buffet breakfast. Return for a relaxing lunch, where you will have the chance to sample more of this mixture of traditional inland food combined with the flavors of the sea. After lunch, travel to Jerzu where you will visit one of the more notable producers of Cannonau, the hearty red that is so famous here. Return to Cagliari along the panoramic road, the Orientale Sarda.