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Sardinian Tours
All you have to do is arrive

One of the most difficult aspects of foreign travel is planning. Without knowledge of the local area most travelers put their faith in the hands of local travel agents who may know even less about these out of the way destinations. The result can be disasterous leaving people stuck in undesirable locations or in accomodations that are far less than perfect.

With our tours we have done all the planning based on first-hand knowledge. All our packages can be customized to meet your particular needs. Itineraries are designed to provide a leisurely pace that will give you the taste and flavor of this Mediterranean gem.

Gourmet Mini Tours

The perfect solution for a brief but rewarding visit

There's no doubting it, food can make all the difference in how you live and how you vacation. These tours are perfect for couples or groups who enjoy exceptional culinary experiences. Perfect as an addition to other Italian tours or to suppliment a quiet stay in a Sardinian villa. These tours allow you to sample the distinct cuisines found in the many and varied areas of this Mediterranean island. We strive to present not just quality food but instead authentic cuisine and a memorable experience.

Mines and Caves
don't forget the flashlight!

The Carthoginians prized Sardinia for its supplies of lead and mining has a rich history on the island. Here, you will have a chance to explore mining operations dating back to the days of the Caesars. Additionally, the effect of the winds and waves of the Mediterranean have produced expansive grottoes, some extending hundreds of feet from the rocky shore. Inland, there are more caves and its no doubt that spelunching is so popular here.

You will also experience some of the other history and geographical beauty. The landscape will change from dunes, to plains, to rugged mountains - all within its 160 mile length. Enjoy this interesting travel opportunity in a land of history and culture.


Unknown Sardinia
You won't bump into Aunt Marge out here!

The hillsides of Sardinia offer some of the most untouched glimpses into a society that has proudly preseved its heritage. Travel to some of the destinations that are offer a glimpse into the raw beauty that has been left out of travel books.

From the pristine and less-crowded beaches of Tortolli to the famous murales of Orgosolo you will truly turn travel into an experience. The central Barbagia rewards you with a look back to simpler times and will give you a better understanding of the depth of Sardinian culture.

Classical Sardinia
And you thought you were old!

Sardinia offers a unique look at history as it is not the history of one people but instead the history of power and influence and really of our modern world.

This trip back in time will take you from the historic traces of some of the first people here, dating back to 6000 BC through the nuraghic civilization with its roots in the expansive Mycenians about 1500 BC and through Phoenician and Carthiginian colonies later replaced by Rome, Barbarians, Pisans, Genoese, Spanish, and more. As went the world, so went Sardinia and traces of all of these people still influence the land and sea on this not so isolated location in the Mediterranean.

Tour with Hotel Vouchers
an easy solution to independent travel

Enjoy the benefits of 4-star hotels located throughout the island as well as the pricing advantage of a tour orginization. All hotels are equiped with comfort and features that you would expect and will keep you relaxed and ready to enjoy the surroundings.

This is an excellent addition to arranging of other individual touring or recreation. We can arrange scuba diving, including lessons and certification, wind surfing, hiking, or just lounging on the beach or by the pool.




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